Plenary & Invited talks


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Dan Casey (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)
NIF record shots and routes toward higher compression

Robbie Scott (Central Laser Facility, UK)
Novel approaches towards ICF - shock ignition

Bruno Albertazzi (LULI, CNRS, France)
Supernovae Remnants and their interaction with external agents in the laboratory: how it structured the ISM

Martin Lemoine (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, France)
Particle acceleration in astrophysical, magnetized turbulent plasmas

Tim Horbury (Imperial College London, UK)
Solar Orbiter: New results from the inner solar system (Space)

Jim Drake (University of Maryland, USA)
Interchange magnetic reconnection within coronal holes powers the fast solar wind (Space)

Prof. Uwe Kortshagen (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota, USA)
Plasma synthesis of sub-10 nanometer particles, experiment

Prof. Jan van Dijk (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands)
Modeling of reactive plasmas for gas conversion

Dr. Dirk Hegemann (EMPA, Switzerland)
Plasma polymerization

Philip Schneider (IPP, Germany)
Isotope physics of heat and particle transport with tritium in JET-ILW H-mode plasmas

Holger Reimerdes (SPC, Switzerland)
Exhaust physics after PEX upgrades on TCV

Gareth Roberg-Clark (IPP, Germany)
Turbulence-optimized stellarator designs with improved ion confinement


Javier Artola (ITER)
Disruption modelling and validation. In particular, we focus on present activities for Vertical Displacement Events (VDEs) with emphasis on TQ dynamics and sideways wall forces.

Jinping Qian (EAST, Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Scenario development and control of Magnetic Confinement Fusion Plasma

Jeff Candy (General Atomics, USA)
Hydrogenic Isotope Mass Scaling of Multiscale Transport in H-mode Pedestals

Maurizio Giacomin (York Plasma Institute, University of York, UK)
Theory based scaling law of the L-mode and H-mode tokamak density limits and experimental validation

Tilmann Lunt (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Garching, Germany)
Novel concept for a potential divertor solution of a tokamak

Hanne Thienpondt (CIEMAT, Spain)
Particle transport in stellarators

Nerea Panadero (Laboratorio Nacional de Fusión, CIEMAT, Spain)
Diagnosing pellet injection in multiple devices and comparing observations with numerical simulations

Michael Fitzgerald (UKAEA, UK)
Clear observation of toroidal Alfvén eigenmode and Alfvén cascades driven by alpha particlesduring recent JET DT experiments

Benedikt Geiger (HSX Plasma Laboratory, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
From the Helically Symmetric eXperiment to a High Field Stellarator Fusion Power Plant

Istvan Pusztai (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
Runaway electron dynamics in ITER disruptions mitigated by shattered pellet injection

Olivier Février (SPC-EPFL, Swiss)
Integrated issues of NBI+ECH heated discharges beyond the good confinement and L-mode core properties of NT L-modes.

Pablo Rodriguez-Fernandez (MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center, USA)
New framework to predict core plasma profiles with very high fidelity. A combination of machine learning techniques and high-fidelity nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations (SPARC)

Hyunsun HAN (Korea Institute of Fusion Energy, Daejeon 34133, Republic of Korea)
Long sustained highly peaked ion temperature with internal transport barrier in KSTAR

James Harrison (Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, UKAEA)
MAST Upgrade Results Towards Integrating High Core Confinement and Divertor Power Dissipation

Benoit Labit (EPFL,– Swiss Plasma Center)
Progress in the ITER baseline scenario development on TCV

Laure Vermare (CNRS/LPP Ecole Polytechnique, France)
Confinement, turbulence and flow sensitivity to plasma current in tokamak plasmas

Darin E. Ernst (Plasma Science Fusion Center, MIT, USA)
Analysis and simulation of experiments in multiple intrinsically non-ELMing regimes

Umar Sheikh (EPFL,– Swiss Plasma Center)
Mitigation of runaway electron beams

Lothar Schmitz (UCLA, USA)
Improving H-Mode Access for ITER Pre-Fusion Power Operation

Henri Kumpulainen (Aalto University, 02150 Espoo, Finland)
Validated edge and core predictions of tungsten erosion and transport in JET ELMy H-mode plasmas

Bernhard Sieglin (Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics, Garching)
Disruption avoidance and investigation of the H-Mode density limit in ASDEX Upgrade

Lorenzo Frassinetti (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
Understanding pedestal structure, stability and turbulent transport in D, DT and T plasmas in JET-ILW

Matteo Falessi (ENEA Frascati, Italy)
Advanced energetic particle transport models

Jorge Morales (CEA, IRFM, France)
Combination of automated data fitting, analysis (including interpretative simulations) to construct a rich and informative database for data-driven scaling analysis

Victor Malka (Weizmann Inst., Rehovot, Israel)
Wakefield acceleration

Arijit Bose (University of Delavare)
Magnetized ICF

Electron surface plasma waves

Verena Geppert-Kleinrath (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA)
ICF neutron and gamma diagnostic

Francesco Barbato (Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy)
ICF diagnostics, synthetic x-ray

Tobias Dornheim (Center for Advanced Systems Understanding (CASUS) Görlitz, Germany / Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), Dresden, Germany)
Ab-initio WDM

David Turnbull (Laboratory for Laser Energetics, USA)
LPI, Inverse-Bremsstrahl. Absorption

Jessica Shaw (University of Rochester, Laboratory for Laser Energetics, USA)
Raman amplification

Mathieu Bailly-Grandvaux (Center for Matter Under Extreme Conditions Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, UCSD, USA)
Magnetized ICF

Hiroshi Sawada (University of Nevada, Reno, USA)
WDM x-ray diagnostics

Arseny Mironov (LULI, Sorbonne Université, France)
QED casacdes, PIC simulations

Brian Appelbe (Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College, London, UK)
Suprathermal Neutrons in ICF

Varchas Gopalaswamy (Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester)
Optimized DT implosions

Satyabrata Kar (Centre for Light Matter Interactions, Queen's University Belfast)
Ion acceleration via RPA

Daniel Verscharen (UCL, UK)
Small-scale reconnection and kinetic instabilities in turbulent space plasmas

Olivier Le Contel (LPP, France)
Kinetic processes in fast collisionless plasma flows

Ian Hutchinson (MIT, USA)
Electron holes in phase space: Recent Theory and Observation

Lan Gao (PPPL, USA)
Particle acceleration from magnetically driven reconnection at low beta in MRX

Irina Zhuravleva (University of Chicago, USA)
Transitioning to a Dynamic View of IntraCluster Plasma

Julia Stawarz (Imperial College, UK)
New Insights into Turbulence-Driven Magnetic Reconnection from NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission

James Matthews (Oxford University, UK)
How, where and when do cosmic rays reach ultrahigh energies?

Jérôme Guilet (CEA, France)
Magnetars: the role of the magnetorotational instability and of the convective dynamo

George Swadling (LLNL, USA)
Laboratory astrophysics measurements of cosmic ray physics using advanced Thomson scattering diagnostic

Prof. James Walsh (University of York, UK)
Diagnostics of atmospheric pressure plasmas

Prof. Chiara Maccato (Department of Chemical Sciences, Padova University, Italy)
Plasma for nanomaterials

Prof. Job Beckers (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands)
Charging and decharging of dust in plasmas

Prof. David Graves (Princeton University, USA)
Modeling of atmospheric pressure plasma jets

Dr. Annarita Laricchiuta (ISTP, Italy)
Modeling of molecular kinetics in plasmas, modeling

Prof. Yan Feng (Soochow University, China)
Experiments in 2D complex (dusty) plasmas

Dr. Sedina Tsikata (CNRS, Orleans, France)
Measurement of fluctuations in weakly magnetized plasmas

Prof. Michael Keidar (George Washington, University, USA)
Biomedical applications of atmospheric pressure plasmas

Dr. Alexander Hinz (Technical University of Dresden and Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics)
Magnetron Sputter Epitaxy: A Multi-Diagnostic Approach

Dr. Luca Vialetto (University of Kiel, Germany)
Multiscale modeling of plasma-surface interactions

Francois Soubiran

Frederico Fiuza
SLAC/Stanford U and Instituto Superior Tecnico

Carolyn Kuranz (University of Michigan) from BSAP
Creating Astrophysically Relevant Systems in the Laboratory in the High-Energy-Density Regime

Xin Wang (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, D-85748 Garching, Germany)
Nonadiabatic frequency chirping Alfvén mode in Fusion plasmas

Armin Manhard
Liquid tin interaction with deuterium plasmas - combine with 'Low Temperature and Dusty Plasmas'

Kevin Verhaegh
Physics of the MAST-U Super-X divertor, including plasma-edge modelling where improvements to the treatment of plasma-molecular interactions will be demonstrated - combine with 'Low Temperature and Dusty Plasmas'

Dr. Annarita Laricchiuta (ISTP, Italy)
Modeling of molecular kinetics in plasmas, modeling