Agenda & Abstracts

The programme committee has put together an extremely interesting programme reflecting the recent research highlights from our community including many talks on the recent major advancements in Magnetic Confinement Fusion , the achievement of ignition on NIF, and the first observations of the plasma around a black hole as observed by the Event Horizon Telescope.

The agenda (pdf file) could be dowloaded here.

The agenda (html with links to abstracts) could be seen here.

Oral Presentations

The conference will have four types of oral contributions. The Alfvén Prize lectures each have a timeslot of 45 minutes. Plenary lectures will have 35 minutes total and invited lectures 30 minutes. For each of these the speakers are advised to leave a minimum of 5 minutes for questions and answers. Contributed oral presentations will be 15 minutes including a minimum of 2 minutes for questions and answers. The time limits will have to be followed strictly. For the best presentation sharing the wide screen 16:9 format is advised.


Poster presenters are expected to prepare a poster in A0 portrait format. There will be 4 posters session of 2 hours duration.

Monday 03-07 : List
Monday 03-07 : Abstracts
Tuesday 04-07 : List
Tuesday 04-07 : Abstracts
Thursday 06-07 : List
Thursday 06-07 : Abstracts
Friday 07-07 : List
Friday 07-07 : Abstracts