Prizes and Awards


Alfvén Prize

The European Physical Society Plasma Physics Division Hannes Alfvén Prize for outstanding contributions to plasma physics over the past three years has been awarded to:
Xavier Garbet (CEA/IRFM, Cadarache, France) for important contributions to the theory of the mesoscopic dynamics of magnetically confined fusion (MCF) plasmas: specifically, to understanding turbulence spreading, flux-driven gyrokinetic simulations, transport barriers, up-gradient transport and edge instabilities
Sergei Igorevich Krasheninnikov (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California San Diego, USA) for seminal contributions to the plasma physics of the scrape-off layer and divertor in magnetically confined fusion (MCF) experiments, including the physics of “blobs”, divertor plasma detachment, and dust, together with atomic physics effects
Annick Pouquet (Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, University of Colorado, and National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado, USA) for fundamental contributions to quantifying energy transfer in magneto-fluid turbulence. Annick Pouquet's contributions, together with her colleagues, include predicting the inverse cascade of magnetic helicity, extending the accessible frontier of nonlinear numerical computations, and key steps forward in the analytical theory of turbulence. Her work has facilitated remarkable advances in the understanding of turbulence in astrophysical and space plasmas
The winner for 2023 is to be announced.

Innovation Award

European Physical Society Plasma Physics Innovation Prize for technological, industrial or societal applications of research in plasma physics". To be announced


PhD Research Awards

The EPS Plasma Physics Division Board grants annually up to four prizes to young scientists from the 38 European countries associated with the EPS in recognition of truly outstanding research achievements associated with their PhD study in the broad field of plasma physics.
The EPS Plasma Physics Division Board has the pleasure in announcing the winners of its 2023 PhD Research Award.
The 2023 winners are
To be announced.


PPCF/EPS PhD Poster Prizes

The international journal Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (PPCF), and the European Physical Society (EPS) are proud to jointly sponsor the PPCF/EPS Student Poster Prizes at the 48th EPS Plasma Physics conference. The competition is judged by members of the Conference Programme Committee. PhD students that wish their poster to be considered for the prize should make sure that they have uploaded their (draft) poster to the online conference platform by Monday June 19.
This years prizes have been awarded to: To be announced


Itoh Project Prize 2023

The Kyushu University Itoh project prize is awarded each year in association with the EPS Conference on Plasma Physics. The prize aims to recognize doctoral students who have performed excellent research on plasma turbulence, transport, confinement, or any related topic. The winner is offered the opportunity to visit Kyushu University, Japan, for one week, including paid flights and living expenses, although the situation may change depending on COVID-19. The competition is judged by a panel of experts chaired by Professor Akihide Fujisawa of Kyushu University. To be announced